The Roaring Kalahari Route

The sheer size, wildness and distances of the Kalahari can be intimidating, especially if you're from the city. To help one and all, especially city slickers, to find their way around this magnificent semi-desert area in style and comfort, the concept of The Roaring Kalahari Route was born. It is now in its third year of operation.


Kathu, arguably one of Northern Cape’s most attractive settlements, is known as ‘The town under the trees’ and came into being because of Iscor’s iron ore mining activity in the Kalahari. Some of the world’s longest ore trains travel through harsh territory to offload their precious cargo at Saldanha Bay.

Take a tour of one of the earth’s largest open-cast iron mines where you will be overawed by the sheer size of everything. Kathu is also home to one of the country’s most beautiful golf courses and a luxurious club house. The Sportsclub also offers badminton, golf, squash, swimming, tennis and a gymnasium. A small but well-stocked game reserve adjoins the town as does the Khai-Appel Pleasure Resort which has camping and caravan facilities as well as fishing and horseriding.

The Weather

The Kalahari's weather is typical of desert and semidesert areas. It is a large, dry region with fluctuating temperatures. The scant annual rainfall (50-400mm) is unreliable and very much lower than evaporation and, in January, afternoon temperatures are usually between 33-40° Celsius. Winter days are warm - the onset of night brings dew and frost to supplement the low rainfall. Generally, though, take it that you'll enjoy hot summer days and warm company and in winter, chilly nights.

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